Jinelle Lawson, (RT)T

Radiation Therapist

Jinelle has worked in the field of radiation oncology for over 11 years.

She graduated from the radiation therapy program at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, in 2006. From there, she began her career as a radiation therapist at Johns Hopkins. After eight years, she moved to New Hampshire and continued her radiation therapy career at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center for three years. In 2018, she moved to Austin and joined the team at Austin Cyberknife.

In her role as a radiation therapist, Jinelle is in charge of operating the CyberKnife machine, alongside the lead therapist, to deliver radiation treatment to the specific target indicated by the radiation oncologist.

Her favorite part of her job is helping others. She feels one of the biggest rewards of her job is being a part of a healthcare team that makes a positive difference in people’s lives and helps them through a difficult time.

In her spare time, Jinelle enjoys spending time with her family, reading, watching movies, dancing with her children, and hiking.