Patient Resources: AVM Survivors Network

For patients seeking support for a new diagnosis, building relationships with other patients and hearing from survivors can be a motivational and uplifting experience.

The AVM Survivors Network is a support group for patients with arteriovenous malformations, or defects to the circulatory system commonly found in the brain and spinal cord. The network aims to connect people living with AVMs and provides a forum for discussion and support.

Website members can participate in discussions on living with an AVM, share experiences and maintain blogs describing their treatment experiences. Online discussions range from inquiries from family members to experiences before and after treatment sessions. The AVM Survivors Network also provides references for doctors with experience treating AVMs, suggestions on how to prepare for doctor consultations and links to relevant medical forums.

The AVM Survivors Network is part of the Ben’s Friends Patient Support Communities, which hosts online support groups for patients with rare diseases. For more information on the AVM Survivors Network, visit their website.