Austin CyberKnife Scores High in Patient Satisfaction

There are several factors a patient may consider when choosing where to receive their cancer treatment.  Is the center close to their home?  How much experience does the center have treating their type of cancer?  Does the center offer clinical trials?

Another factor patients consider, now more than ever due to social media, are patient satisfaction scores.  Patients are paying attention to the scores and ratings that healthcare centers receive and want to know that their current patients are happy with their physicians and the quality of care they are receiving.

At Austin CyberKnife, we realize that patient satisfaction surveys are important and that they are a good way to make sure we are providing patients with the best care possible.  These surveys allow us to learn if we are meeting the expectations of our patients or if we are lacking in any areas of service.  We have high standards at our center, and we want to always strive to meet those standards.

We are proud to say that our center continuously ranks high in patient satisfaction.  Austin CyberKnife’s patient satisfaction surveys yielded exceptionally high marks in the past year with an average 98% of patients surveyed reporting a positive experience with their care, outperforming our company’s national benchmark of 96%.

The rankings are determined by the scores of patient satisfaction surveys, which are conducted by an outside company, Qualtrics, on an ongoing basis.

Austin CyberKnife is honored to be ranked at the top for our patient satisfaction scores.  We believe in, and actively support, patient-centered care.  We know how important it is to involve patients and their families in the decision-making process when it comes to treatment options and are respectful of individual patient preferences, needs, and values, and ensure that patient values guide all clinical decisions.

Our patients deserve safe, high-quality, and compassionate cancer care.  To ensure we deliver on this, we will continue to measure the patient experience in many ways, including using feedback from patients to tell us what we can do even better.

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