Austin CyberKnife Participates in the Sun City Health Fair

Recently, Austin CyberKnife participated in the Sun City 20th Anniversary Health Fair. 

Sun City is a community of active seniors, 55 and over, that live in Sun City, a part of Georgetown, Texas. 

Sun City has more than 12,000 residents with a strong appetite for active living.  They are youthful in spirit and attitude and are committed to staying physically and intellectually healthy.  As so, the community holds biannual health fairs, which bring health care professionals and health related businesses to the residents. 

Health care experts gave seminars on several topics, including ways to increase your self-esteem, skincare maintenance, eye surgery, managing pain without the use of narcotics, etc. 

Stephen Brown, M.D., radiation oncologist from Austin Cancer Centers, delivered a presentation on the CyberKnife® Robotic Radiosurgery System.  Dr. Brown discussed what CyberKnife treatment it, how it works, what types of cancer it treats, and the benefits of choosing CyberKnife as a cancer treatment option.  

The health fair was a big success, with 30 vendors participating and over 1,000 residents attending.  Austin CyberKnife was proud to be part of an event that helps keep the residents in our communities healthy and we look forward to partaking in the event again next year!